Brother and sister

I’ve been taking lots of photos of my kids while we’re outside, on our outings to parks, playgrounds, nearby towns. But I’ve been struggling with photographing them at home, especially now in the winter, when the natural light is scarce. Of course I try capturing them close to a window, so I can get as much light in as possible but capturing fun and endearing moments between two toddlers is definitely a challenge. They won’t pose, not that I would want them to, in fact my son usually turns away as soon as I pull out my camera. Years of having to endure being photographed, I suppose. On top of that, he is one of the most active kids I’ve ever come across, so any great candid moment only lasts just that long – a moment. A second, two if I’m lucky. Taking photos of him outside is much easier, I can keep my distance a bit and he gets distracted by other things, so he doesn’t pay that much attention to me. The light is better and my camera focuses faster. But inside my poor Canon 350D often struggles, unless I pump the ISO up as much as I can and risk the photos looking grainier.

A few days back kids were having a tumble on my bed – one of their favourite things to do in the house. Taking pictures when I’m by myself with them jumping on and rolling around the bed is a safety hazard, I keep praying none of them (the younger one being at a greater risk) would fall off, leaving me to explain my husband where I was and what I was doing when the tumble happened… but here are some pictures of them anyway. And there were no accidents (this time around, anyways).

6 Comments on “Brother and sister

  1. Beautiful pictures, Maja 😀 Its pictures like these that remind you of the glory of motherhood even on those not-so-glorious days 🙂 Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Waa! The one with guitar is just so sweet! Lovely! The light is perfect! A big hug from Slovenia!

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