Autumn/Winter pictures – my favourites

As I’ve mentioned before, I have been taking lots of pictures since last autumn, so I thought I would share some of my favourites so far. The autumn months were lovely, warm, sunny and the parks were bursting with autumn colours. I love living in a country that has four distinct seasons. I suppose I’m used to that. Actually, I’ve never lived in a country that only has two seasons but I imagine I’d really miss seeing the nature waking up in the spring and especially the changing colours of the leaves in the autumn. I do wish England had a bit more “proper” winter though – today I’ve been hearing so much about all the snow in Slovenia while we’ve had a few teeny snowflakes this side. We woke up to a 2mm snow covering which lasted about 30 minutes and my heart hurt when my son looked outside and said: “Oh wow, there is so much snow!” Not really, sweetie… It’d be so nice to get the kids out for a proper sledging and a snow fight.

In terms of the pictures below, it’s always interesting to me, how I really love one or two pictures from each session but my husband often favours  different ones. Clearly, tastes are different and I would really like to know which ones are your favourites in this gallery and why?

4 Comments on “Autumn/Winter pictures – my favourites

  1. You are so talented, Maja! I love the ones of the kids, but also the swans on the lake with the white building reflecting on the water is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I like the one “in Saville gardens”, because the grasses look so pretty and fluffy. I also like “in a heap of leaves”, because I usually like the contrast of a tiny little human being in a magnificient setting (little people not being in the middle of the picture, which I usually find much more plain). So I do like IMG_3837 (with a leaf, by the water) because it’s the same kind of picture really. I’m pretty predictible 😉
    You do make great pictures!

    • Thanks Severine! Saville gardens are botanical gardens here in England and that funny grass really did look fluffy – that’s why I really wanted to take a picture of it:)

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