Playing with light (and post production)

One thing that you really need to know as a photographer is how to work the light. So I’ve been on a mission recently, trying to take pictures in different lighting conditions to see how they affect the photos. I’ve had lots of fun with it and I also tried out a few tips I found on photography forums. It’s funny how you sometimes see a photo and you think – wow, I could never take something like that! But then someone explains on a forum how a photo like that is achieved, you try it and voila, you get a photo like that! Ok, maybe not quite as amazing but then you also didn’t use all the amazing equipment and software that professional photographers do (one day…). So have a look at a photo below and let me know what you think. It has flaws (like some marks in the background that I couldn’t brush off as I don’t have an appropriate tool), I know, but it was my first try on this kind of style.



I have other pictures from this whole lighting experimentation but let’s do one at a time… stay tuned. 🙂

2 Comments on “Playing with light (and post production)

  1. Maja, a poznaš Googlovo Picaso za obdelavo fotk? Po mojem bi za tvoje potrebe obdelave prišla kar prav (vsaj za začetek), ker ima osnovna in enostavna orodja. Drugače pa lepa fotka, sama bi ji samo malo zrihtala svetlobo, ker se mi zdi malo pretemna, pa porezala. :).

    • Anja, Picasa mi je znana, ma bolj kot stran za deljenje fotk, ne za obdelavo. Jst svoje zaenkrat obdelujem kar v iPhoto, ki je ponavadi kar ok, ampak pri tej fotki pa ni uspel ocistit cisto vsega ozadja. Nisem je mogla bolj osvetlit, brez da bi osvetlila tudi ozadje (za tamalo je jedilna miza s stoli). Obrezala bi jo pa res lahko, ja, imas prav:) Hvala za nasvet!

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