Playing with light (and post production) 2

When at home, doing usual household chores, I can always count on my little helper to get involved. She is really adorable – not just on the pictures but a hundred times more in real life. She’s my second child, so I’ve been down this road before, but it still amazes me how much children understand at this age. Because they can’t speak yet, you might get mislead into thinking they don’t really understand that much. However, my daughter surprises me every day when she actually does everything I tell her or ask her, even things that I really think are beyond her understanding.

Yesterday I was loading up the dishwasher and that was of course far more exciting for my girl than playing with blocks. So I ended up handing her cutlery, asking her to stack it into the little basket in the dishwasher. It was too cute watching her really thinking about it, carefully placing every fork and spoon into the basket. Then I realised that the light coming through the garden door, right behind her, was quite good and the blind over the door was defusing it nicely. So I grabbed my camera and took the photos below. In post production I made them even lighter and I really like how it makes her colourful clothes (and her incredible eyelashes!) really pop out. As for her colour combination – pardon me. I do have better taste, the problem is that lately I’ve been blogging in the evenings rather than ironing, so there was nothing better in her closet, ha ha. That’s why I’m staying away from the computer tonight and will be hanging out with the iron instead.

4 Comments on “Playing with light (and post production) 2

  1. Do you seriously IRON?!
    Here, Jord’s shirts get irooned, that’s all. But I’m very precise about how the laundry should be hung. You see it has to be done very neatly so you don’t need to iron it 😉
    I must say I’m not a big fan of pictures that have been altered. But hey, like you said in an earlier post, it’s a matter of taste!

    • Severine, I iron everything short of underwear and socks 😀 Crazy, I know but that’s how we did at home and I do have to admit that ironing is one of my fav household chores. So I don’t mind. I’m pretty quick and I do also hand everything nicely and am particular about it like you but I still go over everything with an iron:) The only thing I don’t enjoy is ironing William’s shirts – I avoid it until he reminds me he has none left and then I spend one whole evening making stock.
      I never used to brush up my photos in post production – I thought that if you can’t take a good enough picture with your camera, you should try harder:) But then I realised that while taking a good picture is really important, you can improve it even further. But I like to keep it as natural as possible, some of the recent ones were just my exploration of what’s achievable in post production.

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