Gorgeous winter morning

We were out on an adventure again this morning. See, I’m one of those outdoor parents that gets the kids out of the house whenever the chance. I grew up that way, if it was nice outside, my mum would normally chuck me and my sister outside or we would go out walking somewhere as a family. And I don’t think it was just my parents, as far as I can remember, the whole neighbourhood was out on a nice day. And our definition of a nice day didn’t only include sunny and warm days either.  Of course, I grew up in rural Slovenia and I don’t think in my village any parent worried about their kid getting into big trouble when he or she was out and about – no kids got snatched from the street, no one got shot or stabbed, usually the worst that could happen was falling off a tree you were trying to climb or into a ditch that the next door kid set up as a trap. And I once touched a cactus that my neighbour threw out into the bushes and ended up with a hand full of tiny needles. That was awful.

Now I live in suburbs of London and I wouldn’t exactly let my kids anywhere outside on their own (even in a few years’ time) apart from our fenced garden. But I still try and make sure that they are out and about as much as possible, discovering, poking, digging, climbing, jumping and falling over. I’m really blessed to live in an area that is overflowing with amazing parks, gardens and playgrounds. Today I could see it was going to be a gorgeous morning as soon as I got up. Yes, it was -2 degrees but it wasn’t wet or windy. So by 9.30am, I had both kids dressed in countless layers and we were heading out to Bushy Park. We decided to walk a different way than we usually do and the park was pretty empty and beautifully frosty. I didn’t even bother getting the buggy out and my girl was beside herself at the chance of wondering around at her heart’s desire. After we fed the ducks, we found some puddles that have frozen over and my son got on a mission to break the ice with a stick.

We had lots of fun and as we were driving back home, both kids were happily munching on their snack, radio was playing and I was the happiest lady around. I felt so grateful that I could run around with my kids on a Thursday morning, that I could be out on a glorious frosty morning like this. And when we got home and my son asked if he could watch some TV, I also didn’t feel as bad saying yes, knowing that he spent most of his morning outside.

13 Comments on “Gorgeous winter morning

  1. Beautiful! What a lovely park… and it looks like you guys had it all to yourselves. Wonderful!

    • Yes, there were a few runners and dog walkers but I didn’t see any other kids! We really had a brilliant time.

  2. 7215! Beautiful picture! Like the seagulls have been frozen in flight!

    • Thank you! It was a beautiful morning – we’ve had no snow so far but the frost still makes it a wonderful winter setting. All the ponds were frozen and the poor swan on one of the photos was literally ice skating across the pond to get to the bread that the kids were throwing. It was too funny because it’s such a massive thing and it was slipping all over the place.

  3. Maja, tvoje fotke so mi ze od zmeri krasne. Prva tvoja, ki me je navdusila, je bila tista z Etne – pikapolonica na vulkanski kamnini… Od takrat naprej jih je bilo ogromno. Razmisljam, da bi kar tebe najela enkrat v marcu, da se nasga palcka malo pofotkas, meni nikoli ne ratajo tkaj lepe pa bi si mali zasluzil ksno bl pametno, hehe 🙂

    • Ojoj Vesna, ma ksna pikapolonica z Etne, a to je blo slucajno na maturancu? Uau, sem pocascena, da se od tkaj dalec nazaj spomnis kake moje fotke, ker se je se jst ne:) Kar se pa marca tice, pa itak ni problema, z veseljem vas pridem pofotkat, ker bi blo fajn fotkat se kaksne druge modele kot moja dva! 🙂

  4. Sooo beautiful! I love these pictures 🙂 If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of lens/camera do you use? This is awesome!

    • Thanks Maria! I use a Canon 350D camera which I’ve had for years now. It’s served me well but I am keen to upgrade when I can afford it. For shoots with my kids I almost always use my 50mm/1.8 lens these days, I love it.

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