Are you content?

I just came back from a Sisterhood United night in London, a great event organised by our church for ladies only. The main thing that I heard and that really resonated in me was the message about being content in every season of our lives. Because nowadays we always want more. Of everything. Better everything. Whatever we have, we often can’t appreciate, because through all the media at our disposal these days, we know that there are things out there that are even better than what we have.

See, I feel like that. Very often, in fact. I have travelled, I have seen beautiful places, experienced amazing things. But despite this, or more likely because of it, I often feel like I’m missing something when I don’t get out of the country for a few months or do something really awesome, like go to a great event or on a lovely weekend break. I now live just outside London, where all the great things that this beautiful city has to offer, are within easy reach. And it has a lot to offer, believe me. So it is a real challenge for me to sometimes say no, I don’t need this, I don’t have to go to this show, I don’t have to do this course. While living far away from a big city was always a struggle for me, I do think sometimes that people in rural areas are probably more content with what they have. There are less temptations.

Anyways, while I do sometimes (ok, often) struggle with resisting temptations and saying no to all the post-Christmas sales (hubby, if you are reading this, I DO manage to resist sometimes!), there is one thing that I treasure now, tomorrow and forever. My beautiful family (and God!). When I look at them, I am always content.

The pictures below don’t really have anything to do with this post but I just took some while me and the kids were in Bushy Park a few days ago, when it was cold and wet and  muddy and we still went outside (and we rewarded ourselves with a big slice of carrot cake afterwards). 🙂  So I thought I’d share them. Photographically, I am trying to improve my backlit pictures and getting my models in front properly exposed. I’m getting there slowly…

2 Comments on “Are you content?

  1. I think you are hitting a really good point here. I know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes it is a struggle to be and to remain content. As though you have to defend it from disappearing. Perhaps it is almost some kind of art to to remain in such a state. On the other hand, if we were always content, we would have nothing to long for. And that would be tragic in itself…

    • That’s a good point Andrea, I didn’t think of it that way… So maybe it’s a good thing we’re sometimes discontent, it should probably just be over the things that are truly important rather than lack of that great looking dress in the shop:)

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