One thing I was desperately hoping for this winter is one, only one snowy day where we would get enough dry snow (i.e. not a bunch of slush) to make a snowman and everything outside would be covered in white. There is something so pure and quiet when the world is covered in snow. I don’t really expect snow over here in the winter. The last time we had a perfect snowy day (by my standards) was two years ago. It only lasted a day or two but it was lovely.

And now we got it again – it’s been snowing on and off for the last three days which for british standards (at least here in the south) is amazing. And I’m so glad it happened over the weekend and I could really enjoy it with my family. We all made a snowman in our back garden this morning. My little girl wasn’t too impressed. She was curious at first, quite giddy actually, but as she became cold and slightly wet, she declared it no fun. 🙂 That’s ok, two years back my son wasn’t highly impressed either. But this time around he loved it and making a snowman was a must as he is currently obsessed with Raymond Briggs’s The Snowman – the book, the film and now also with the audio book. He can probably recite it in his sleep.

After the snowman was made to his satisfaction, we came in, had lunch and as the youngest went down for a nap, I was looking through the window, watching the snow fall and was absolutely itching to go back out. I suspected my boy would be keen to join me, so we got ready and headed to Bushy park (which already featured in my previous two posts). Such fun. It was pure joy watching my little man running around, throwing snow balls at me (he made up the rules of our snow fight game and only he was allowed to throw snow balls… khm… since I had an ulterior motive of photographing him and since he can’t yet make a proper snow ball and usually just throws a fist full of fluffy snow, it was ok) and into the water.

I love the pictures. His orange (or is it red? My husband and I have a serious disagreement over the exact colour but both agree that it is crazy bright) snow jacket makes for such a great contrast to all the whiteness around him.

10 Comments on “Snow!!!

  1. Ahhhh, ful lep post in ful lepe fotke, again 😉 “There is something so pure and quiet when the world is covered in snow.” – ne bi se mogla bolj strinjati. Letos sem imela priložnost tudi sama kar nekajkrat uživati v teh lepih tihih sprehodih s svojim sinkom in ob enem takem smo imeli celo priložnst od daleč gledali srnino družino… neprecenljivo. Drugo leto pa računamo tudi mi s snežaki 😉 Ob temle postu se kar vživim 🙂 P.s.: Maja, si morda dobila moje sporočilo na fb? Zadnje čase mi je malo upadlo zaupanje v tehnologijo…

    • Hvala Anita! Sem dobila tudi tvoje sporocilo na FB in se ze veckrat opomnila, da ti moram odpisat – oprosti. Bom kmalu!

  2. I wish I were there with you guys, playing in the snow. It looks like fun. Most especially building the snowman. I think that the colour is red.

    • Hvala Barbi. 🙂 Koralna je bla zame vedno bolj nezna, ampak imas v bistvu prav. Je pa ta bunda tako zive barve, prav flourescentna, da te kar oci bolijo, ce jo direkt gledas. 😀

      • Ja, je tudi več odtenkov koralne 😉 Torej flourescentno koralna 😀 Ta na povezavi je skori kot bunda 😉

      • Uau, ti si se pa res angazirala, da razresis to uganko:) Torej je florescentno koralna… bom poucila moza. 😀

  3. I agree with red. No sibling bias 🙂 Love you Maja…

    • Another friend of mine actually researched this dilemma and found out there is a colour called coral red which is a mix between orange and red and is the exact colour of this jacket. So there you go:) Love you too Audrey!

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