Set hearts aflutter…

I had an early Valentines date today, with my little man. We’ve had very little one on one time since his sister was born. My husband and I have been very mindful to make sure that from day one baby girl gets some time alone with me considering her brother had me completely for himself for nearly two years. So we increased his time at nursery, which he very much enjoys, and I get plenty alone time with my girl every week. But I often forget that my boy can’t just live off of his memories of his first two years and that he still regularly needs time alone with his momma. I think that it’s really important for kids to have time alone with each of their parents, from my experience it really fills up their love and attention reservoir and helps with their behaviour. We do have days (on the weekends) in our family when we split up but usually that means that us girls stick together and the boys do something else together. Very rarely baby girl gets to hang out alone with daddy and I get to spend time with my little man. After today, I made a mental note to do it more often.

It was a brilliant date. We went to Royal Horticultural Society Wisley gardens, mainly for their current exhibition Butterflies in the Glasshouse. You can walk through their gigantic glasshouse which is filled with tropical plants and (for a good month) exotic butterflies. My boy got a brochure with all the exhibiting butterflies pictured in it and he totally loved walking around spotting different butterflies and trying to identify them in the brochure. After the exhibition we also had a good run through the gardens before we headed back home for lunch.

Three is such a great age. You can chat, run around, no buggies needed and no overweight changing bags. And (almost) no tantrums! It really felt like a proper date and considering how well behaved my little man was, I am definitely going out with him again.

This time around kids in the photos have largely been replaced with butterflies and plants as I rarely get an opportunity to dust off and use my 75-300mm/f4 lens. I rarely photograph wildlife and the lens is just too big and heavy for regular use, so I was considering selling it (not that it’s worth much). But now and again it proves valuable, so I might just keep it.

2 Comments on “Set hearts aflutter…

  1. I adore your pictoral commentary. What a precious gift you will give to your children.

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