Sofa time

I couldn’t wait any longer to post these. 🙂 They are too freakin’ cute, these two.


The older one wanted to watch Sesame Street – he used to love that DVD but it’s been ages since he asked to watch it again. So he got all cosy on the sofa, covered himself with a blanket and even brought his doggy. Of course the little one had to join, if the brother is doing something, she has to be involved as well. It looked so cosy I wanted to join too. Instead I took some photos. 🙂

Watching them, I was thinking how giving our boy a sibling was just the best idea ever. He is an incredibly sociable boy and he  was never able to spend much time alone. So when it was just me and him that meant I was his play mate. All. The. Time. And now (at least since she’s been more mobile) baby girl is his play mate, his best friend (his words, not mine), always there. And he loves her so much, it’s heart melting.

8 Comments on “Sofa time

  1. Best encouragement ever for a 32-weeks pregnant mummy! 🙂 Thank you!

    • Great news, congratulations Silvia! Seriously, having two has been great, I find it much easier than when I only had my son. Of course the first few weeks/months are hard work as they are with any new baby and especially when it’s not your first but once you get into the routine and the constant feeding/changing eases up a bit, it’s awesome. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and the new baby! X

      • Joooj ja, jaz sem se tudi malo ulenila, ma sem se že dvakrat lotila in je potem pršlo kej vmes… Se bom potrudla tudi jaz kej napisat!

  2. Absolutely wish I could cosy up with them and watch Sesame Street also.

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