Do you like your sleep?

Who doesn’t like to sleep? I sure do, although I often drag my feet well into the evening before I finally end up in bed. And then I often don’t sleep as well as I would like to, mainly due to toilet visits (as an accompanying adult to my son, just to make sure there are no scary monsters hiding in the toilet), teething pains or whatever other growing up nuisance that my kids are going through. When my son was a baby most parenting conversations involved the question: “Is he sleeping through the night yet?” If I only knew then what I know now… forget about sleeping through the night. Sure, they might sleep through the night certain nights, even for weeks if you’re lucky but eventually some developmental issue is going to arise that’s going to keep them (and you) up. It’s not even funny that my little one just woke up as I was typing this last sentence…

So in my book, as long as we resolve the issue and I’m back in my bed within 5-10 minutes, that doesn’t even count. I can pretty much sort things out without having to wake up fully. In the last three and a bit years we have been woken up for regular night feeds (newborn and up to 6 months), teething (anywhere between 7 and 20 months), toilet visits (2, 5 years +) and an occasional illness in between. Thankfully we haven’t had to deal with any night terrors so far but who knows what’s around the corner.

But we all love our sleep. We might have night awakenings but I am proud of the fact that both of my kids got into a good sleeping routine and they generally look forward to going to bed. When I ask my baby girl after lunch if she is tired and whether she’d like to go to sleep (not that she has an option, really), she actually gets excited. I might not be the strictest mom but I don’t take any nonsense when it’s time for bed. Now that the older one dropped his afternoon nap both kids are generally in bed by 7pm. Which is awesome because I like my quiet time in the evening. And if the kids wake up at night, we sort out the issue and they’re back in their beds before they know it. They never ask to come into our bed, they know better. No kids allowed in our bed, they get to hang out with me all day long but no ways I am sharing my nights with them as well.

2 Comments on “Do you like your sleep?

  1. Oh my god! These pictures are AMAZING! Absolutely well done, my friend! I just love your choice of frame, the focus (for instance in the hand pic) and angle (shooting through the bed railing..or what you call it). Impressed!!!

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