(Missed) opportunities

So many times I went somewhere random – running an errand, visiting friends – where I thought I definitely won’t need my camera. And then I ended up with the most amazing moment, scenery or light (or all of the above) and was totally bummed that I didn’t have my camera on me. Murphy, right? So these days I try not to presume and just carry my camera wherever I go. It’s bigger than the point and shoot cameras but I usually have the buggy with me, so it’s easy enough to keep it in there. It often never comes out but sometimes I get to capture a special moment and it makes it worthwhile for all the other times when I didn’t need it.

I snapped these yesterday afternoon during a walk with my little girl. Not overly amazing but I liked how the sun broke through the clouds at one point.

One Comment on “(Missed) opportunities

  1. I absolutely know what you mean. I am carrying my camera with me for my work commuting from Stockholm to Uppsala. Most of the time I don’t need the camera, but whenever I do, I am glad I brought it! I have just come back from a short work-related trip to Oslo and I brought the camera as well. No great shoots, but it was still good to just try. I didn’t see much apart from the department building but I knew I was always have the chance to capture something interesting if I ever came across it in my big rush. So I absolutely agree that it is worthwhile to carry the camera around! You never know what’s round the corner in the next minute….

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