A dull day… or not?

I took the kids to the park this morning. When we got up it looked like a lovely clear, sunny day but by the time we got to the park the sun already got lost a bit in the clouds, the ground was moist and muddy and considering it’s still winter and all the shrubs and trees are still dry and bare, it just looked like a very dull day. At first sight I couldn’t see anything that would inspire me to pick up the camera and snap away unless kids got into anything fascinating. But then I thought I would challenge myself and try to get at least one good shot.

We weren’t there long, we fed the ducks, kids got to run around a bit and then we went back home for lunch. Now that the little one is sleeping I got to look through the photos and I have to admit that I am quite pleased. I feel like I got more than just one good shot – I really like the overexposed ones with the kids in the shrubs and the correctly exposed one with my baby girl. And the one where the kids are feeding the ducks was a bit dull but I like it now that I converted it into B&W. Baby girl always seems to be more interested in chatting to the geese than feeding them. 🙂

Anyway, what do you think?

P.S.: I noticed that sometimes when you click on the gallery to see individual images, some of them look a bit blurred/not in focus (in this case it’s the B&W one). I’m not sure why that is because in my computer gallery they look perfectly sharp.

2 Comments on “A dull day… or not?

  1. What a good thing that you did take some pictures! Just yesterday I went through a whole collection of photos and realized that I didn’t actually consider how interesting or nice the pics were but just the fact that I would not have remembered the occasion without them. Of course, this is not meant as an apology to snap away all the time without thinking, but I think you know what I mean…
    Independant of anything, these are YOUR memories! I particularly love the one where Miss Little is in the shrubbery! Light is awesome and I love the focus as well!
    BW was a good solution for the swan pic, I think! Have you tried the overexposed ones in BW as well? That would interesting to see, perhaps a little less overexplosed but with a strong contrast (or even very little contrast and darker…)…wanna try?

    • Thanks Andrea, I’ll have a try with the overexposed in B&W, will let you know if they’re any good:)

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