Celebrate love


February 14th, the Valentines day. We don’t celebrate Valentines in our house at all. Hubby and I never make special plans for this specific day and we certainly don’t buy each other gifts. I don’t feel pressured into buying tacky heart shaped presents no matter how hard all the shops are trying to sell them (the glasses below weren’t bought in the Valentines season, so they don’t count, ha ha).

But I am all for celebrating love. So much so that I think we should do it every single day. Not always possible, I know, but hubby and I are trying to be very mindful of taking that special time out every now and again, when we can do something nice without the kids. So whether you go out with your special someone today or any other day, have fun.

And I kind of want to see every day through these pink, heart-shaped glasses. If they make the world look half as cute and fun as they do my little miss, I want a pair too!


And I think love looks great when captured  well on camera. Two people that are amazing at doing that are Iva Novak (http://ivanovak.com) in Slovenia and Jonny MP (http://www.jonnympphoto.com) here in London/Surrey. Check out their websites for awesome wedding, couple and/or family photography. Last summer Jonny MP snapped my favourite photo of myself and hubby to date, seen in the background on a photo above.

4 Comments on “Celebrate love

  1. Lepo povedano … in, ja, včasih potrebujemo rožnata očala 😀

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