Music in his tummy

It’s a gorgeous day today. A tad chilly perhaps but that hasn’t stopped us before. So by 9am I pretty much had everyone ready to hit one of the near by parks. And then the older one said: “Mummy, I’m not feeling very well.” “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I can hear music in my tummy.” And that music soon sent him running for the toilet. And again. And again. So that was that. Playing at home it was. The last thing I wanted was cleaning poo accidents in the middle of a park.

Usually I dread the thought of staying at home for too long, especially with both kids. Those kind of days usually involve me coming up with tons of activities, leaving me drained by the end of the day and with a massive clean up on my hands. If I don’t come up with activities they (the older one first, usually) get bored after an hour and anything beyond that point involves lots of running around the house, climbing and jumping off furniture and injuries. Lots of them. And a cranky mama.

But this morning they surprised me. They played so nicely and they played together. They didn’t need me there, so I quietly observed and took mementos with my camera. They were so sweet. And when we hit one of the not-so-nice days, it really helps me to look at these kind of photos to remind me that these kind of days happen. Quite often, actually. And then it’s all worth it. So I hope this helps encourage any mamas out there who might not be having such a great day today.

6 Comments on “Music in his tummy

  1. Your photo’s are so lovely, you’re obviously using a decent camera but you really have an eye for a good shot xx

  2. Ma kako lepe barve, Maja! In ful imata lep šotorček!!! A to imata prav njun playroom al kako? Ful lepo, res!!!

    • Hvala Tina! Une s kuhinjo so slikane v Larini sobi, ker je kuhinja trenutno tam, ma jo vsake toliko preseliva:) Sotor je pa neka ful poceni rec, ki je prsla s kupom plasticnih zogic, samo tiste bolj poleti uporabljam, ko vse skupaj na vrt postavim, ker drugace mam tiste zogice res po celi hisi:) Sotor je v konservatoriju trenutno in ga odpremo, kadar je soncek, ker se potem tam noter ful lepo ogreje. Tako da nimata nikjer prav svoje igralnice, ampak imamo igrace raztresene po celi hisi.

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