It’s snowing… cotton balls?

Do I really need to say much here? Baby girl likes to cook. And because cooking with empty pots is not much fun, she sometimes goes fishing into the bathroom for suitable things to fill her pots with. This time around she found a big bag of cotton balls. And those were just too good to be used only for cooking…

6 Comments on “It’s snowing… cotton balls?

  1. What fun Maja! The playing that is… probably not the tidying up! Dru pasta is another good one. You can soack it in food colouring for a bit to change the colour… and then there are hours of endless fun sorting and creating patterns…. happy days! K

    • 🙂 Dry pasta is a favourite and colouring it sounds like a great idea. We were at a playgroup recently where they had them play with coloured rice – it looked so pretty! Although I’ll stay away from rice in my house. 🙂 Cotton balls are actually a lot of fun too and really not that messy to clean up (unless she starts ripping them apart).

    • You know, this bag of cotton balls was one of the gifts for my first baby shower! I never used these things, they’re too fluffy and get stuck everywhere, I have no idea what other moms use them for. I found cotton pads much easier to use. Oh well, at least you can see these cotton balls are finally coming to good use. 😉

  2. Lovely pictures! Well done! Love the one with the cotton balls on the floor! You really have a great skill to keep your photos very “clean” in terms of visual overload, mixtures of colour and such – I am not surprised to read in the other post that you organized your photo albums nicely! I could really learn something here…

    • Thanks Andrea! I’m learning to keep things simple as I get older:) If you knew me in high school/early university you would see that I was the epitome of visual overload. I love colours and I’ll definitely do a post on colours sometime soon… And my photo albums weren’t even that organised, you should’ve seen my high school notebooks. 😀

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