Packing away memories

Last night hubby and I finally tackled something we’ve been putting off for nearly 18 months (since we moved into our house) – packing up some old stuff into boxes and putting it in the loft. As much as I’d love to have all my books and old photo albums displayed downstairs, the toys have officially won and taken over our house. πŸ™‚ Considering they’re used far more than those old books, so be it.

As I was kneeling among all the cobwebs in the loft, packing stuff into boxes, I quickly glanced over some items being packed away. And got reminded of how far back my passion for photography goes… I must have about 15 photo albums, nicely organised, labeled and numbered just from my teenage years. Then in my twenties I swapped my film camera for a digital one and like most people shooting digital, I also got lazy with printing and organising photos. So far I’ve made one photo book of my son’s first year of life… he’s nearly three and a half now. That’s pretty pitiful but I’m determined to catch up on that soon and had I kept shooting on film, I can’t even imagine the amount of photo albums I would have today. The loft probably wouldn’t fit them all in.

But while I got worse with organising my photos, I got much better at buying photography books. Not so much tutorials, rather books displaying work from different professional photographers, mostly landscape ones (this was before I had kids). They inspired me and whenever I needed to lift up my mood, I would look through one of those books and get refreshed from all that beauty inside. During my year in the USA, I picked up Ansel Adams’s biography in one of San Francisco’s flea markets. That thing was hard cover and must have weighed a few kilos. And it wasn’t the only (photography) book I picked up while in the US. I still believe it was some sort of miracle that they let me fly back to Europe with all that luggage without charging me extra.

Another thing that ended up on the loft was a big box with mementos telling the story of how hubby and I met and how our lives got intertwined until they finally merged. πŸ™‚ Some of those mementos were made when I was just 13 years old. I’m so happy that we both kept a lot of things that we exchanged over the years and now live in that box, so that years from now our kids and grandkids can discover them.

I also packed away a bunch of my teenage journals. During my high school years I was so good at writing journals, I’d write almost every day. Needless to say, printing and organising photos is not the only thing I got lazy at… Those journals are hilarious and crack me up every time I read them. Seriously, it’s ridiculous the things teenage girls obsess over. I might have to reread those in a decade when my daughter gets to that phase of life to get some perspective.

I didn’t take any pictures for this post (gasp! and I’m already sorry). By the time I knew I wanted to post my sentiments on the blog, all the stuff was already packed away. But when I finally came down from the loft, I felt really happy and energised thinking how many memories are piled upstairs in those boxes and what a treat it’ll be for our kids and grandkids to one day discover them.

And I saved my photography books. They still lift me up every time I look through them, so they deserve to stay within close reach, not packed up in the loft.

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    • Of course I will. πŸ™‚ Your lovely scrapbook from my first baby shower also got packed away, sorry!

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