In 2007 I spent the whole year (minus three weeks in May when I flew back to Slovenia to get married) in the United States, working at Duke University in North Carolina. I went there without knowing a soul but by the time I left at the end of the year, I’ve made a handful of new best friends. Seriously, I couldn’t have asked more from that year, it was one of the craziest, most exciting years in my life so far.

One of the people who made that year amazing was Meg. She’s just one of those people that light up a room and are so much fun to have around. Apart from being incredibly beautiful and amazingly smart (please, call her Dr. Meg), she is also super fun. We’ve kept in touch after I left the States and she already came to visit me in London a few years back, before I had kids. She’s  been dividing her time between Paris and the States and while in Paris at the moment, she has come to visit again for a few days.

I was so excited to see her and needless to say, my kids love her. So the three of us have to fight it out to get her attention during the day but I pretty much have her all for myself in the evenings. 🙂 Hubby politely went to the cinema last night and left us alone. Watching Glee, painting our nails, laughing, chatting and eating Ben&Jerry’s ice cream, I briefly relived my days in Durham. We used to do that on a regular basis, along with hanging out at Borders, reading books (or wedding magazines – me) and sipping Starbucks Frapuccinos.

So seeing Meg is always a real treat. I hope I’ll be seeing her again soon and I’m also kind of hoping that next time it’ll be in Paris. 😉

3 Comments on “Meg

  1. so happy that you guys got to spend some time together!! looks like such fun 🙂 the pictures are amazing, too!

    • Thanks Christie! Yes, we’re having lots of fun – she’s still here, leaving on Wed.

  2. Maja failed to mention that she’s the best hostess ever.:-) It’s been a wonderful visit. Come to Paris anytime you want, Maja!

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