Good morning sunshine!

As the sun is starting to come out earlier in the morning, so are the kids. We’ve been generally quite lucky that neither of our kids has been an extremely early riser. I would say that on average we get woken up at around 7am, with baby girl often sleeping close to 8am (or longer). I can live with that.

But as spring and summer start creeping in and days get longer, the sun is out much earlier in the morning. And as it comes out, it shines straight into the kids’ bedrooms. We tried the black out blind but it’s a bit of a mission to cover Samuel’s entire bedroom window. So we just try to embrace getting up nice and early (for a season). And Samuel’s bedroom window just about makes his room the best room in the house – on a sunny morning the light there is so beautiful. And when you add two cute kids who are playing nicely first thing in the morning, getting up early is really not such a bad thing.

2 Comments on “Good morning sunshine!

  1. Really lovely! How is the ice-cream agenda going ;-)!?!? Loved the recent pictures. You have got such a talent, my dear! I love stopping by here and look at your images and read your thoughts! One of my favourite things to do on an evening with a nice cup of tea! Hugs!!!

    • Thanks so much Andrea (blushing)! That means a lot. The ice cream agenda, hmmm…. I haven’t had any today (but it’s only 10am)! 😉

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