Hair taming

Forget the toddler taming, does anyone have any advice on hair taming? Curly, african hair taming, to be exact? You only need to scroll back to the previous post to know why I’m asking. Have you noticed Lara’s bed hair? Well, that’s pretty much her normal hair these days.

For the record, I love Lara’s hair. I also love Samuel’s hair, only his is not as soft and delicate, so doesn’t usually get as frizzy. And his will probably be kept boyishly short as long as I have any control over it. And then there’s Lara with her full head of thick, tiny curls. Her hair is beautifully soft, it makes you touch it and stroke it and I’ve heard people say numerous times they want hair like hers. Yeah, sure you do, only until you have to comb it. Because her hair gets tangled. It gets frizzy. At the back, it often resembles dread locks.

My own hair is as easy and uncomplicated as can be. Wavy, easy to comb, never been dyed, relatively thick. So what do I know about african curly hair? As a mum, I feel I’m the one who should know exactly what to do with Lara’s hair, how to manage it, how to style it. But to be honest, I can hardly style my own hair, let alone hers. My hair has only ever known two styles – loose, over the shoulders and a simple pony tail. And to simplify the difficult choice between these two, I have had my hair cut just short enough not to fit into a pony tail most of my twenties.

So combing and untangling Lara’s hair is a task I never look forward to. I mean, what mum enjoys inflicting pain and suffering on her child? Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend, a black woman, who compared having her hair combed by her mum to having her head on fire. Enough said. So to date, I’ve only properly combed Lara’s hair twice in her life. That means that I could run a comb through any patch on her head without the comb getting stuck. The second time was last night while she was having a bath. I am fully convinced that such hair also comes with “supernatural pain tolerance for hair combing” genes.  That’s the only way I can explain her calmness as I pulled and tugged on her hair. I was cringing the whole time doing it but she just kept playing with her bath toys. Once or twice she plunged forward and I embraced myself for a big scream or a jump out of the bath to save her head but all she actually did was get a different toy.

I’m learning. But seriously, if anyone has any good advice, I’ll be more than grateful to hear it.

Lara’s new best buddy is a little curly sheep. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

And this is Lara with her hair properly brushed. Softness overload.

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