Celebrating womanhood

These last few days have been all about celebrating womanhood. Friday, March 8th, was the international women’s day, which we always celebrated back home in Slovenia by buying flowers for important and dear women in our life. Today, March 10th, is Mother’s day in the UK. That’s widely celebrated here but we don’t make too big a fuss about it in our family. I am always happy to receive a flower and a little card (handmade if possible) from my kids but I hate how commercialised some of these events have become, so we don’t buy gifts for events like Mother’s or Father’s day or Valentines. Even for our wedding anniversary we rather spend money on a date night and some good food than buying each other gifts. In our family gifts are only reserved for birthdays and Christmas, otherwise we’d be shopping for something every 2 months.

Then on Saturday morning I was hosting a small baby shower for my friend whose bump features in my previous post Play date. All of these events were about celebrating the power and beauty of women and made me think of how awesome we are. Don’t get me wrong, guys are awesome too, but I definitely think we (women) are worth being celebrated. And I wish more women around the world would get this right. Not honour, not privilege. The right to be celebrated for what they are. I love that our church supports charities like the A21 campaign (http://www.thea21campaign.org) that fights to abolish modern day (sex) slavery.

I’m not going to get all heavy on you now. It’s been a lovely weekend. I bought lots of flowers (baby shower was a good excuse, not that I needed one), got together with some lovely ladies and ate lots (and I mean LOTS) of sweets. How gorgeous are these cupcakes on pictures below? My good friend Gabrielle makes them, so if you’re in need of cupcakes or other baked goodies for any occasion, pop her a message on her FB page Olivia’s Sweet Bakes (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Olivias-Sweet-Bakes/451724484862692?fref=ts).

And now I’ll just post some lovely pictures from this weekend. Starting with Gabrielle coming over to drop off the cupcakes and our little girls playing together and finishing off with some details from the baby shower.

I hope each one of you ladies reading this got spoilt a bit this weekend. For women’s day, for mother’s day or just because you are gorgeous and so worth it!

10 Comments on “Celebrating womanhood

  1. Lovely pics, Maja! Again, you show such a skill in seeing things and documenting them! What a pleasure to read and look at your posts!

  2. So blessed to be part of your world. You’re an incredible wife to your wonderful husband. An amazing mother to your beautiful babies, a wonderful daughter I’m certain to your parents and a great sister I’m sure to your own sister but definitely to me and many sisters in your church family and comment. An all round Amazing and incredible woman of God!!! Here’s to celebrating WomanHood xxx

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