One of those days…

Looking through some of my previous blog posts, I realised that people might get the idea that we’re always just having fun in our family. That every day is a perfect day with walks through the park and kids cooking nicely in their little kitchen. Well, here’s a reality check – some days suck. Some days are miserable from the start and no matter how hard I try, they don’t get any better and might actually get worse as the time passes. There’s fighting, crying (mostly kids although I’ve definitely shed a few tears now and then), shouting, time outs, the works. I usually don’t have the time or energy during such days to pull out my camera and document the atmosphere but I think I should try sometime. Not just for you, for myself too, because once such days are finished, we don’t normally remember just how bad it all was. Our memory is a funny thing, it prefers the happy events and details (which is a great thing), so after a while even labour or those early months with a baby all just seem like a bunch of happy moments. Until you pull out some photos (that are hidden in the darkest corner of the highest drawer) and you realise that you looked like a wreck after you gave birth for the first time and those early days were no fun at all (only speaking for myself, plenty of people actually have lovely memories of these events because the events themselves were a breeze).

Today has been a pain so far. It started with Lara waking up at 2am crying and taking over an hour to settle back to sleep. She’s been sleeping so well recently that I really wasn’t prepared for this and felt like I got run over by a truck this morning. I’m pretty sure her big molars are starting to make their way out and I’m really not looking forward to this phase. Her brother was in agony for over a month when his big molars were coming through and he seemed possessed most of that time. But it has to happen sometime, so we might as well go through it now. It’s not just the sleeping, she’s also been very clingy  recently and gets ridiculously upset as soon as she even smells that I’m leaving her behind (even if it she gets to stay with daddy).

Her brother has also been going through a phase, he’s been very moody and gets overly upset whenever things are not going his way. So that would be often. Add to all this a mom who hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep and whose short fuse is even shorter, you basically get a ticking time bomb. Mine went off today at lunch time (I did really well to last that long) when, after spending an hour in the kitchen trying to make a yummy, nutritious lunch for the kids (as opposed to opting out for a frozen pizza which in hindsight might have been a better idea), Samuel asked for pasta. Nothing odd there, he asks for pasta at every meal. But when I told him that we’re having chicken and potatoes instead, he took one look at his bowl and told me that it looks disgusting. That didn’t go down well. After a bit of screaming (first mine, then his) he finished his food anyways. The funniest thing is that when he gets really upset, it only lasts a minute or two. He usually forgets all about our fight and is back to his smiley, happy self before I even stop fuming. And I really try to do the same because otherwise my bad mood often spoils the following hour.

Now Lara’s having a nap, Samuel is watching some TV (judge all you want, it’s one of those days when I don’t feel guilty one bit for stealing some quiet time by switching on the TV) and I have a bit of quiet time to regroup. Reset. Clear my head. I’m taking them to a soft play in the afternoon, so hopefully the rest of the day will be better.

This will be my last post until the end of this month as the kids and I are off to Slovenia this Saturday for two weeks. I. Cannot. Wait. Of course I’m not surprised that both kids are not quite themselves, that Lara’s teething, that the weather is crazy and it feels like winter in the middle of March, all just before we’re off on holiday. I could’t care less. I’ll get to see my family and dear friends, hopefully get a few hours or in best case scenario even a few days on my own with the help of nona and nono and that’s all that matters. I’ll take loads of pictures but unfortunately won’t be able to upload and edit them while I’m there. There will be an overload of pictures as soon as I’m back, I promise. If you really can’t wait, feel free to follow me on Instagram (@majatsolo) as I’ll be posting phone snapshots of our holiday on there.

To finish off, I’m posting a lovely picture of Samuel. It’s from a few days back and not really relevant to anything in this blog post but he looks so adorable and handsome here and this is how I’d like to see him even when I’m upset with him. I hope you’re all having a better day and I wish you a great rest of the month and happy Easter.

2 Comments on “One of those days…

  1. Love the picture of Sami, Maja! Enjoy your trip back home– you deserve it.:-)

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