Saturday after my own heart

Every year I mentally prepare for winter. It’s not my favourite season, especially considering we rarely get proper snow here in London. In November my parents usually visit, so that’s something I can look forward to. December is festive and Christmas is one of my favourite seasons, so that gets me by. And then I tell myself I just have to get through January and February and then in March, the weather will get better, the spring will be on the doorstep.

Not this year though. Easter came and went, it’s April already and we’re still wearing at least three layers, winter jackets, hats and gloves anytime we want to go outside. It snowed on Thursday. Here in London, on April 4th. Seriously?! So now even people who generally don’t like to talk about the weather moan about the cold. Want to wave the winter goodbye. I personally have been getting slightly depressed over this cold weather.

But today was a good day. It was sunny and although still chilly for this time of year, it wasn’t freezing (which is an improvement!). Hubby had wanted to get himself a bike for a while now and he finally did just before we went to Slovenia. He also got one for Samuel. Today was the first day weather wise that made us think that cycling could be a good idea. So we were off to a park first thing in the morning – hubby cycled there with Lara while I drove with Samuel. Once there, he got to ride his bike too. What fun! It was lovely seeing him so excited and he adores his Mickey Mouse helmet that he picked for himself (to hubby’s horror). I think it’s the cutest thing ever. 🙂

The day also involved lots of sweets, which is always a bonus. I went to a baby shower in the afternoon and my lovely friend Gaby from Olivia’s Sweet Bakes supplied another batch of her awesome cupcakes.

When we got back home, I cooked dinner while watching the rest of my gang playing in the garden. The sun was starting to set and everything just seemed perfect. Please, please, let this be the start of the proper spring.

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