Becky’s baby shower

The 2013 being a baby boom year, I have attended/hosted quite a few baby showers recently. For anyone not familiar with the term “baby shower” – this is a party thrown for an expectant mother and is usually held about a month before she is due. Her lady friends are normally invited and they bring presents for the baby, cakes and other food. Every baby shower can be different but it is basically a celebration of the mother and the baby. Sometimes it involves fun games but whoever organises it will normally respect the pregnant lady’s wishes.

If you’re British or American, you might be wondering why I am explaining this. But back in Slovenia baby showers are not a custom. I’m not sure how it is in other countries. In Slovenia we normally go see the family after the baby has been born and they are ready for visitors and that’s also when we bring presents. I quite like the baby shower concept though. I had a baby shower organised for me during both my pregnancies – never mind that Lara came a bit early and was already 5 days old when we had my baby shower. 🙂 But I think it’s nice that all the fuss happens when the lady is still pregnant and has time to prepare for the occasion, rather than having masses of visitors soon after the birth when she is often tired, overwhelmed, hormonally imbalanced and her house is a mess. Plus the organiser usually coordinates the wish list of presents, so the mom doesn’t end up with twenty bibs and no vests but gets the things that she still needs.

This past Saturday I’ve been invited to attend Becky’s baby shower. She is expecting her first child in May. I wasn’t asked to take photos but obviously it seemed like a perfect opportunity to bring along my camera. And Becky’s house is so lovely, bright and coordinated, than there was no holding back. I am really happy with the photos because I think they really show my style of photography – lifestyle, bright, happy. So with the ladies’ permission to post the photos on here, I just had to share some:

After seeing these you probably agree with me that Becky looks incredible for an 8 month pregnant lady! I’m really looking forward to getting together with Becky and her husband Guy soon and snapping some pregnancy portraits.

4 Comments on “Becky’s baby shower

  1. Maja, I really love the photos and brihgtness in them! And what a beautiful mommy-to-be!

  2. Maja, thanks so much for getting your camera out! Pics are fantastic!!

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