Maternity session: Alice

I met the Makonis through my hubby who has known the couple since they were all students at University of Cape Town together. When we moved to London he found out that they also lived here and we got together. Time and time again. Over dinners in the city, at their place in Blackheath, at our place in Surbiton. When they came to see us a few months back, Alice mentioned to me that she’d love to have some photos taken before the baby comes.

She didn’t need to ask twice, I was all up for it. In between the busyness of both our lives, we agreed on doing the photo shoot today, a good week before her due date. They live all the way across the city from us, about an hour’s drive away, so Lara and I drove over first thing in the morning. The weather forecast was heavy showers mixed with sunny spells and that’s exactly what we got. Madness.

We first stopped at Alice’s flat and took some photos there before heading down the road to Greenwich park. I love that park, when hubby and I still lived in east London we used to go there a lot. It is so beautiful, with great views over Greenwich and Canary Wharf, with the lovely tea house and the Royal Observatory where the prime meridian (the basis of geographical longitude) is located. It wasn’t five minutes since we got there that it started pouring down. There was no way I could take any decent photos in such conditions so we took cover in the tea house. It was perfect time for lunch anyway. I have to admit I was getting a little desperate at that point, thinking that I won’t be able to get any good photos in the park and that there’s no way we could find time to re-do all this before the baby comes.

But by the time we finished lunch the rain has stopped and the sky has cleared up a bit, so we rushed outside and found a gorgeous patch of a meadow covered in blooming daffodils. We had about 15 minutes before it started pouring down again and I think we made it count.

As for Alice… she is stunning (seriously, how many women look this amazing when almost 39 weeks pregnant!? I sure didn’t.), radiant, sweet and fun. I have no doubt whatsoever that she’ll make an amazing mum.

5 Comments on “Maternity session: Alice

  1. Fantastic! I am not surprised you got more inquiries! Sounds wonderful! Hope you will hear from a lot of more interested people!!!! And that you can do tons of sessions as the beautiful season is about to kick in!!

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