Maternity session: Becky

When I was 8 months pregnant with Lara, we moved from a flat into the house that we live in now. It was not an experience that I would like to repeat any time soon (or ever). With my big bump I was scrubbing and cleaning most of the day, first the flat that we were moving out of and then the house that we were moving into. By the late afternoon I was in complete despair because the house we moved into was a dirty mess and high on hormones as I was, all I wanted was to make it clean and cosy as soon as possible. Wisely, my husband realised that I will totally over do it if  he doesn’t bring in some help. Thankfully, he knew Becky who lives quite close to us and had offered before to come help with moving. And he knew that Becky really likes to clean. So he rang her up and she was over in a flash, spending the rest of the evening scrubbing our kitchen and unpacking our boxes. She was a dream come true. (I clearly still overdid it as Lara was born a good week later, 3 weeks before she was due.)

So when Becky asked a few weeks back if I’d take some pregnancy pictures for her, it was the least I could do for her. She is expecting her first child next month and after shooting Alice yesterday, here’s another 8-month pregnant lady who couldn’t look more beautiful if she tried. I already snapped a few pictures of her at her baby shower (seen in the post “Becky’s baby shower”) but we wanted to do a shoot outside somewhere and have her husband Guy there too. Off we went this morning to Bushy Park and had a lovely time walking around, deer watching and taking pictures.

Becky and Guy, all the best in these last weeks of pregnancy and I am looking forward to meeting your baby soon!

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