Toddling for a cause

I can’t really talk about today’s toddle, without explaining something else first.

Church has been an integral part of my life for some years now. Since moving to Surrey, we have joined Hillsong church ( and never looked back. It has become home away from home and people we have met through church have become our second family. They have helped clean our place, they have cooked us meals for weeks after our children were born. They have been there when we needed them.

The women’s ministry is called Sisterhood ( and it basically includes every woman in church, no matter what age, demographic or culture. As there are quite a few stay-at-home or part-time working mums in our church, we get connected through so called Sisterhood tots groups during the week to hang out, chat, have coffee, encourage each other, pray for each other but also to discuss the need in our own community and how we could reach out and help. My Sisterhood tots group is amazing and full of beautiful, inspiring women who always go the extra mile. I am truly blessed to know them. We have loads of fun together, we visit soft play areas and animal farms with out children, we hang out at each other’s houses but often we’ll also get together in the evenings for dinners and parties, without our kids.

The event we get ridiculously excited about each year is our annual women’s conference called Colour conference ( It is awesome. All the girls get together for three days under the roof of Wembley arena and get encouraged, uplifted and grow closer in relationship with each other and with God. This year’s conference is starting this Thursday and I CAN NOT WAIT! Pictures are sure to follow…

Last year’s conference challenged us to take on a 500 project – to raise £500 for one of the charities we support as a church by the time of next year’s conference. My Sisterhood tots girls and I chose to raise money for Vision Rescue (, an amazing organisation that provides food, non-formal education, medical help, skills training and other forms of assistance to the addicted and abused street children in Mumbai, India. To raise this amount of money, we organised different events throughout the year, from yard sale, to ladies’ pamper evening, to Christmas shopping evening. Today’s toddle was the last push to raise the outstanding amount and I am very happy to say that we exceeded the £500 goal as we raised £385 through today’s toddle alone.

So now that you’re clued up on all things Sisterhood (although there’s nothing like coming to Colour to really experience what it is all about it – it will blow your socks off!), all that is left to say is that today’s toddle was the best thing ever. We got together on this glorious sunny morning in Bushy park to have a walk with the kids (scooters, bikes and occasionally dad’s shoulders were allowed as a means of transport, too) around the gardens. That evolved into children’s races and a fantastic picnic. And the fact that we got to raise so much money by having so much fun is just a cherry on the top.

Well done, tots, you were all fantastic!

4 Comments on “Toddling for a cause

  1. These photos are amazing Maja, you are really talented! It was such a lovely morning, our little tots made us proud! What you have written about Sisterhood is so true, love you girls! xx

  2. Wow, Maja, your pictures are stunning! What a talent!!! Beautiful.

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