Baby session: Sienna

Do you have days when your heart just sings? No? Well, I do. These are days when everything just feels right and today was definitely one of those days for me. The sun was shining, it was warm and it just seemed like nature woke up overnight. Beautiful blooms and sprouting foliage everywhere were making the already beautiful area that I live in even more breathtaking. I was happy.

To make the day even better, my dear friend Lucre asked me to take some photos of her baby girl Sienna. You might remember Lucre and her older daughter Isla from the blog post “Play date”. That time Lucre was still sporting a lovely bump but on March 25th her little girl Sienna Anthea was born. Today was the first time I went to see them since that documented play date and I couldn’t wait to meet the gorgeous baby.

When we arrived Sienna was just waking up, so we got to see lots of open eyes, yawns and big baby stretches. As we were hoping for some sleepy photos, mummy and baby took some time out for a feed while Lara and I had some fun in their lovely garden. As mummy and baby returned, relaxed and happy, Sienna’s big sister Isla also came home from nursery and joined us for a few snaps before going off to play with her buddy Lara. All in all, it was a great day. This was my first time doing a photo shoot of such a young baby (not counting my own kids) and I’m quite pleased with the photos. What do you think? A lot to learn still, plus Sienna was already growing out of her newborn phase, so she was quite alert. However, Lucre was incredibly nice and flexible – a perfect mum to do a baby photo shoot with! Thanks again Lucre and big congratulations on both your beautiful girls.

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