Little explorers

These past few days have been just gorgeous. I feel like my soul gets a makeover when the spring season starts, the only thing that I wish didn’t come along with spring is my hay fever. Along with all the trees and flowers, my nose blooms too. 😦 The best remedy for hay fever is staying indoors but seriously, with two toddlers and after 6 months spent mainly indoors, who’s going to take that advice? So I suffer through itchy eyes and swollen sinuses as best as I can.

But the smell of sun dried linen, the fruit snacks eaten outside in the garden, ice cream walks into Kingston… it all makes up for the sniffles I have to endure.

I’m off to Colour conference ( in a few hours and am super expectant and super excited. When I’m back you’ll hear (or see) all about it. For now, I’ll leave you with these few snaps of my two explorers, taken in Richmond park a few days back.

Have the best end of the week!

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