Baby session: Zac

When I met up with Becky and Guy in Bushy park for a maternity session three weeks ago (see Maternity sesssion: Becky for those photos), we didn’t think we were in particular rush as Becky was only due in early May. But I’m really glad we took those photos when we did. Exactly a week later, on Saturday, April 20th, I received a message that in the early morning hours Becky and Guy welcomed to the world their little boy, Zac Samuel! Becky was supposed to come to the Colour conference and even be my roommate in the hotel but I suppose little Zac had different ideas. 🙂

Yesterday I was able to meet this beautiful little boy and take some baby and family pictures. These photos probably make him look bigger than he is but I just love the father-son images where this little baby fits so snuggly into daddy’s big arms. So precious. We had a lot of fun and Zac was a trooper, sleeping through most of it, so we even tried some fun photos, like the one with the wedding rings, which was Becky’s idea.

Becky still looks amazing and as radiant as ever, motherhood really suits her and I suppose the super speedy birth helped as well. I mean, what women wouldn’t mind arriving to the hospital after a few hours of contractions, ready to just push that baby out? It doesn’t sound anything like my first delivery, that’s for sure:)

I’m looking forward to watching this little man growing up and taking his parents on a very special journey. Congratulations, Becky and Guy!

7 Comments on “Baby session: Zac

  1. Zac looks even cuter in these photos! We are so pleased with them!! Thanks once again 🙂 xx

  2. Again, wonderful pictures! I can really see the “lightness” in them! I think that’s part of your personal style, including to be very careful with using colors. Well done, Maja!!!

    • Thanks, I also feel the lightness is part of my personal style, I like airy, light pictures:) Colours is a big topic for me because I love colours and you might have noticed I don’t often go for black and white conversions. I just really love colours and I always have to be careful not to over do it on that front.

      • I have been thinking a bit about style recently, also about defining my own photography style. On a bad day, it really is down to: “Why on earth do I think I need to take pictures? There are so many people who do that so much better!” And of course, depending on the kind of day, it always ends with the conclusion that as there is no person like another, so can the production of photography not be the same. Looking at your pictures, I really love the airy and light style. Also interesting to read your take on colours (don’t think you are in a danger of overdoing it, though…). While you have a tendency for colour, I have one for black and white. And I really can’t tell you why. When you light up a photo, I make it darker. And I also can’t tell you why. It’s like an inner urge, a must have. A sense of something. Of course it is always possible to replicate the style of another person, but that’s not the same. There is something so fascinating about using photography as a language. It’s like you can’t write my poetry and I can’t write yours. Simple, but yet it overwhelms me again and again.

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