So here I am, turning 30 today. Someone asked me a little while ago whether I’m dreading turning 30, if I’m feeling down that I won’t be a twenty-something anymore. The question took me by surprise, to be honest. I never thought of it that way. Why would I be bothered rolling into the next decade?

I think the reason that I am not sad to leave my twenties behind, that I welcome my thirties with excitement, is the fact that I took everything my twenties had to give. I squeezed them dry and enjoyed every minute.

In my twenties I lived in three different countries, I studied, got my degree, my masters degree, I worked for a few years and then I turned domestic. I was single, I got married, I had two kids. I travelled to many countries, everything from luxury holidays to backpacking for weeks. I made amazing friends around the globe. Right at the end, I even started my own business. I pursued my dreams and I took lots of risks. And today I am exactly where I hoped to be when I turned 30.

So no, I am not sad to wave my twenties goodbye. They were sweet and I will remember them fondly. Thankfully, I have loads of pictures to remember them by. But now I look forward with excitement of what my thirties will bring, ready to take all they have to offer.

8 Comments on “Thirty

  1. Happy Birthday Maja. I hope that is a wonderful day full of celebrations!! See you guys very soon….

  2. Well said, Maja. Each new decade will offer you many wonderful opportunities and a chance to make lasting memories. Enjoy your day and celebrate the woman you have become.

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