Painshill park

This post is just to quickly say hi and tell you that my thirties have been really good so far. 🙂 It’s been a busy couple of days. After a great birthday, celebrating with my family and lovely girlfriends, we also had a great bank holiday weekend (in UK that means a long weekend as Monday is a bank holiday, i.e. a work free day). I still haven’t got my new camera back, so I haven’t been as enthusiastic about taking photos but a trip to Painshill park today just called for some pictures. Aren’t these three musketeers on a picnic blanket three peas from the same pod?

And I also want to share these two photos relating to my birthday – I got many amazing presents but these two are probably the most photogenic. 🙂 The cake was a lemon chiffon cake, a present from my dear friend Gaby at Olivia’s Sweet Bakes. It tasted as great as it looks. And my kids bought me peonies after Samuel declared that he wants to get me some flowers for my birthday. Who could say no to such a sweet request, even if you’re the one who ends up paying for them?

2 Comments on “Painshill park

    • They really are! I personally prefer ranunculus but they were out of season by the time for my birthday. Peonies are a close second though.

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