Baby session: Liam

I had another newborn session yesterday and ahead of the shoot I was very excited. I know the family, Fiona is a friend of mine, and I knew how lovely they are and how adorable her older son Nathan is. So it came as no surprise that her new baby boy Liam, born on May 29th, is just as gorgeous. He was 11 days old yesterday and a perfect baby to photograph. He was sleeping when I arrived and over the next hour and a bit of noise, being passed from one person to the next, being “gently” handled by his big brother (who is not yet 3 years old), being posed and undressed and dressed again, he didn’t wake up. At all.

The shoot went very smoothly and everyone got their turn with Liam, including grandma who is visiting and helping out at the moment. And watching Nathan hold his baby brother was just the sweetest thing ever. He didn’t want to let go of him (literally) and bombed most photos where we tried to get Liam alone in the picture. 🙂 When I look at the pictures of the two brothers, I can dream that I helped create memories that they’ll treasure as grown men. And that is what photography for me is all about.

Thank you Fiona and family! It was lovely seeing you and I hope we can get together again when Liam is a bit older.

4 Comments on “Baby session: Liam

  1. Beautiful photos! Maja, I am so glad that you are following your dream. Your photos are wonderful.

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