An unexpected adventure

For the past few weeks I kept driving past a vast field covered in yellow flowers – I assumed it was a rapeseed field and I was very tempted to use it as a setting in one of my photo shoots. I wanted to go and have a look and so on Friday I asked my friend Laura if she was up for having a few photos taken. A spontaneous little photo shoot. 🙂 Laura was happy to go along with the idea and we both brought along our little girls. It was Friday, the sun came out, it was a perfect day.

We had no idea what we were getting into. Firstly, Laura’s daughter Lily Beth had no shoes with her (long story but any mum who has ever rushed anywhere will understand), so Laura had to carry her around most of the time. When we got to the field, we realised it was fenced with barb wire, so we looked for openings big enough where all four of us could squeeze through. Some acrobatics and thorn bush scratches later, we were finally in the field. I realised it wasn’t rapeseed but rather buttercups, not that it mattered. It looked beautiful. We just about started taking photos, when Laura commented that there is a hoard of horses headed our way. I hadn’t noticed them up until then but Laura was right – they were headed our way in a nice gallop… We each grabbed our kid and made a run for the fence. So much for our buttercup field photos… Oh, did I mention that Laura is 7 months pregnant? Well, it’s probably obvious from the pictures.

After some sneaking around the horses, we headed back to the car, only to find a great patch of high grass right across from where we parked. We finished our photo shoot there and the girls had a blast running around and throwing themselves into the grass. It definitely beats running for dear life. 😉

These photos would’ve been better if we took them a few hours later, in softer light, rather than in the middle of the afternoon. But we’ll save that for next time. 😉 Thanks Laura and Lily Beth for being so adventurous. You rock! If you’re ever bored, you know where to find me! 🙂

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