Summer holiday

How quickly three and a half weeks fly by when you’re having fun! Oh and fun we did have. If we had bad weather during 0ur March visit in Slovenia, it has redeemed itself during this one. We got to see our family, lots of dear friends, we spent a few days in Posocje, a few in Ljubljana and a week at the sea side in Croatia. We celebrated birthdays, attended weddings and ate ridiculous amounts of yummy food. Now that we’re back I should stick to water and fruit smoothies for a while…

Needless to say, I took loads of pictures. In fact, I had to borrow extra memory cards from a friend. Oops. Guess what my next photography purchase will be. Here is a small selection of my favourite photos.

First few days were spent in and around Most na Soci and these were the only days where we still needed long trousers. We took walks around the lake, visited my relatives and hung out with nono and nona.

Then we headed to Ljubljana to spend a few days with our besties – the Likar family. Tina and I have been best friends since my first day of college and back then she professed that she’s never having children our of fear of child birth (it’s not normal to squeeze a watermelon through a lemon hole, says a biologist). 😉 At the end not only did she embrace child birth, she must quite enjoy it considering she now has three beautiful children under the age of 4. Ha ha. They’re a gorgeous family and great friends of ours. Her older two kids, Jon and Lili, are a few months older than my two and they were pretty much inseparable from the first minute. Samuel and Jon renamed themselves into Sonics and Bonics and spent the majority of our stay looking for grasshoppers and other bugs and jumping on the trampoline. And Lili and “Lala” also became best fwends. 🙂 The day we arrived was Jon’s 4th birthday, so we were also a part of a fantastic birthday party (involving something like 17 kids and babies!!). Tina’s husband Ales is also a big photography fan but he prefers collecting equipment than taking photos. He always has an amazing collection at home and I got to play with his Canon EOS 1D and lenses like 100mm/2.8 and 85mm/1.2. Heaven! Not to mention that they got me a 35mm/2.0 lens for my birthday and it’s been attached to my camera body ever since.

From Ljubljana we drove straight to Croatia, to a small village near Umag, where we spent the next week soaking up the sun, swimming and eating ice cream. Nona and nono also joined us for a few days. It could be that I’m used to it as I spent most summer holidays in Croatia but I absolutely love croatian coast. The pine trees, the pebble beaches (which I much prefer to the sand), the clear sea… I hope my kids also create fond memories there, same as I did. They certainly seemed to be enjoying the sea side. 😉

Last week of our holidays was spent back in Posocje region. It was a busy time, revolving mainly around preparations for my sister’s wedding but we also found time for skinny dipping (well, kids did anyway, oblivious to the freezing temperatures of river Soca) and other fun stuff.

At the wedding I was the maid of honour, I had to help my husband with our kids and I also wanted to catch up with many relatives I don’t get to see often, so I barely got the time to pick up my camera and sadly I don’t really have any photos to share. I got to do a quick engagement session with the couple a few days before the wedding but I’ll share those in a different post.

One way or the other – I’m back home now, reminiscing over our amazing holiday and I’ll be sharing a few more exciting posts in the next week or two.

2 Comments on “Summer holiday

  1. Maja super zgledate:):):):) Jaz bi pa 8321 sliko mela. Please?!

    Thank you! Manja

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