Wedding: Barbara and Andrej

Let me first emphasize that I was just a guest at this wedding. As such, I kept my camera away for the entire ceremony, as a respect to the couple and also their wedding photographer. I have heard many wedding photographers complain about wedding guests ruining official pictures by running around during the ceremony and other official parts of the wedding in order to take (flash) photos. I really think as a wedding guest you do everyone the biggest favour if you just enjoy and partake in the ceremony and let the professionals do their job.

However, this wedding was too amazing for me (or anyone else) not to take any photos. I stuck mainly to details as everything was done so beautifully. Having known Barbara, the bride, for a few years now (we met in college), I never expected anything less. She is one of the craftiest people I have ever come across and she, with the help of her husband Andrej, did most of the decorations herself. Add to it a beautiful wedding venue Kodarinov mlin in Dragonja valley in Slovenia, a gorgeous couple and a cheery wedding party and you get the best of the best.

I was very privileged to be a part of this wedding. I also got to see a professional wedding photographer Iva Novak, whom I admire greatly, at work. That was a cherry on the top. She definitely did the wedding justice and here’s the link to her photos from Barbara and Andrej’s wedding (

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