Baby session: Judah

I had such a good time yesterday shooting this beautiful family. You might notice that there’s no dad in any of the pictures – he is overseas on business at the moment – but we didn’t want to wait much longer before we took some photos of baby Judah as he is already a month old. So we agreed to do a baby session without dad and once he’s back, we’ll do another family session. I’m so excited I’ll get to do another photo shoot with them soon!

Judah is the second child of Tanaka and Kola, they also have a 2-year old daughter Morayo-Hope. She is the sweetest big sister who just couldn’t stop kissing her baby brother. When I arrived for the session, Tanaka was still getting ready (I’m surprised she even managed to shower being by herself with a toddler and a newborn!), so I got to have a cuddle with baby Judah. He was so soft and nice smelling, I got quite excited about having a newborn in the house soon… my hormones are obviously taking over as I’m forgetting the never ending cycle of feeding-changing-settling to sleep. 🙂

We had a very relaxed session, it felt more like friends meeting up for coffee, and both Morayo-Hope and Judah did really well. Tanaka loved one of the photos from one of my previous baby sessions where we put the baby in a flower basket and she asked me to take some similar pictures for her as well. While I don’t bring any props on the photo shoot myself, I am always happy to try and incorporate any items that the family wants to use. Some parents send me photos ahead of the shoot to show what they like and I’ll keep those images in mind but I always tell them that our shoot will be very spontaneous – it works much better with children to let them do whatever they want to do and just guide them slightly to get the pictures than posing them around to recreate a specific picture.

Here are some photos from our session. Thank you Tanaka, Morayo-Hope and Judah for a lovely afternoon!

4 Comments on “Baby session: Judah

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. As ever. Maja you are super talented. 🙂

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