Good times

I’d love to say that things are slowing down in our house but there’s just so much happening that I can barely keep up. Hubby is busy on work front, I am trying to keep up with the kids and enjoy every day with my bump because weeks are just rolling by. I’m half way through the pregnancy now and so excited that we might find out tomorrow if we’re having a boy or a girl.

Summer’s been really kind this year and at the moment, we’re having perfect weather (in my opinion, anyway) with temperatures in mid-twenties and a good amount of sun. So it’s the perfect time for some outdoor photo shoots and I am thrilled that I have three booked over the next few weekends. I have been taking the kids out to different parks (nothing unusual, we’re always out and about), scoping out good locations for these shoots. Yesterday we were at RHS Wisley gardens and we had a brilliant time.

I already have a few requests for photo shoots in September and October, so if you are interested in having photos taken before the end of this year, do get in touch sooner rather than later. I will be slowing down in November and if we get some nice weather in September and October, it will be the perfect time to get some lovely family photos for your Christmas cards this year!

6 Comments on “Good times

  1. Joj, kako lepo! Kar malo zavidam te lepe urejene parke in vrtove, pa prijetne temperature in komaj čakam, da se tudi pri nas ohladi 🙂

    • Mateja, res imamo krasne parke in vrtove tu okrog nas, nikoli nam ni dolgcas. Za temperature pa cisto verjamem, vam slovencem nic ne zavidam, jaz bi se v trenutnem stanju stopila! Drzim pesti, da se kmalu ohladi!

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