Just another day in the office…

I take any opportunity to get my camera out. And who better to practice lifestyle and portrait photography on than my sassy almost 2-year old. Big brother was at nursery, so we had a girls day out in Bushy park. Watching ducks, deer and just running through and dancing in high grass.

She is such a character, this little girl. Beautiful, gentle face, gorgeous smile, eyes so dark that you can get lost in them. So gentle looking she could easily fool anyone but let me tell you, she has the strength and fierceness of a lion. Now that her vocabulary is growing daily, her bossiness is really starting to show and she orders everyone around. 🙂 Every time I bring food to the table and her and Samuel happen to be watching TV, she’ll immediately run to the screen, switch it off and turn to her brother with this tone of voice that demands obedience: “Food! Sit down! Now!”

I love her to bits and I am looking forward to watching her grow into everything she can be. Even if I’ll come to miss the times when she couldn’t yet speak…

If you haven’t yet, feel free to have a look on my Facebook site as well (https://www.facebook.com/MajaTsoloPhotography or click the Facebook link at the bottom of the page). I sometimes post pictures there that don’t make it onto my website and if you “like” it, you’ll always be in touch with special offers and available dates for photo shoots.

2 Comments on “Just another day in the office…

  1. gorgeous little lara! If you were closer, I would absolutely get you to take pictures of my little girl!

    • Thank you Maria – if I was closer I’d absolutely love to take pictures of your family, your little girl is so beautiful, just like her mamma! Hope you are well. x

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