Lara is 2

Dear Lara,

On this day two years ago, in the midst of an amazing indian summer, we welcomed you into our world. Your birth was just as you are – relaxed, spontaneous and calm but with your own special twist as you greeted us a bit unexpectedly nearly three weeks early. I feel more emotional now that you’re turning two than I did at your first birthday – but then again, I feel overly emotional with regards anything these days, including a car commercial. You seem such a big girl now and with the impending arrival of your baby brother, you are most certainly not the baby of the family anymore.

But then we’ve just had some restless nights because of your last molar and the other night I had to pick you up from your cot in the middle of the night and you leaned your head on my shoulder and caressed my arm with yours. And I caught another glimpse of that tiny baby girl from two years ago with the longest eye lashes, round cheeks and tiny rosy lips who fit so perfectly in the crook of my neck. And even though you fell asleep on my shoulder within minutes, I held you for a bit longer than I needed to, savouring the moment. My precious little girl in my arms.

You have been an incredible blessing to our family and from the first day, you just fit in perfectly, as a daughter, as a little sister. Samuel has adored you from the first day just as you have looked up to him since you were a baby. Nowadays you can be incredibly noisy together but you are such firm friends and watching you interact makes my heart sing every day (when you’re not driving me crazy, anyways). Samuel is the first thing you ask for when you get up (followed closely by Elmo and Cookie Monster) and if we have to discipline you and you cry, Samuel cries with you even if he wasn’t at fault.

You are incredibly independent as long as you know that mummy is near by. However frustrating at times, it is nice to know that I am still your absolutely favourite person and there are times when no one else will do. You love singing (your favourites at the moment are Wheels on a bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Alphabet Song) and drawing and painting. You are so beautiful – I keep finding myself just staring at you, wondering how I got so blessed to be your mom. But your gentle face and your reserved behaviour towards strangers can mislead people into thinking that you’re a mellow little thing – when really your personality is as fierce as it is bold. You were perfectly shaped to be a middle child, calm and quiet, happy to play on your own when need be but demanding and loud on other occasions, making sure to let people know you’re no pushover and making your presence and your wishes known.

It’s incredibly cheesy but I feel that Bruno Mars’s lyrics describe you perfectly:

“When I see you face, there’s not a thing that I would change, because you’re amazing, just the way you are. And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while, ’cause girl you’re amazing, just the way you are.”

Happy second birthday darling. I love you through and through.


5 Comments on “Lara is 2

  1. Maya, oh bless you and your beautiful family, i did shed some tears reading your beautiful birthday letter to you daughter (also thanks to my preg hormones in addition), so lovely!

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