Family session: The Estermann girls

This session was really fun – like a princess party with a good doze of sneaking around. πŸ™‚ Anita wanted to get some photos taken with her two little girls, Clara (2,5 years) and Emily (7months) to give to her husband for their upcoming wedding anniversary. On top of that she really wanted to wear her wedding dress for the shoot, one last time before she donates it. I thought, why not?

So I came by their house one Saturday early morning when her husband was out playing tennis and we packed up the car with the girls, bubble mixture, fairy wings and wands, a wedding dress and a few other bits that you would need with two little kids. The weather forecast was not looking great for the day but we were lucky and it was clear skies that early in the morning (8am) and the rain only came after lunch. Off we drove to Pembroke lodge in Richmond park and we managed to finish our session and be back home just in time for Anita’s husband not to suspect anything. πŸ™‚ Their anniversary has now come and gone, so I am allowed to share these photos. I really hope they made a great anniversary present!

2 Comments on “Family session: The Estermann girls

  1. What a fun morning! Mike was really pleased with the photoblock and card I got printed for our anniversary and now my mom wants a giant canvas print πŸ™‚

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