A family visit

This past week we’ve had my sister Tanja over for a visit. When we saw her during our summer holiday she was preparing for her wedding and it was all pretty rushed. So it was great having her all for ourselves, just going out for coffee and muffins and walking around local parks. We don’t see her nearly enough and the kids loved the company and extra attention. And I appreciated extra hands.

The reality is that I’m starting to get tired. I mean really tired, not just the usual ‘I’m looking after two toddlers’ tired. It could be the pregnancy (I can’t believe I’ve just started my last trimester, where has the time gone!?! I swear my bump doubled in size in the last week.) or the two kids I already have, the late nights sorting out photos, laundry or doing other administration, Lara’s recent coughing fits she’s been having at night, waking up at least 3 times . It’s most likely a combination of these. Either way, I’m tired and I probably need to slow down. My husband keeps reminding me that I should sleep earlier and I profess every morning that tonight will definitely be the night when I’m in bed by 10pm. But then the kids go to bed and there’s so much to be done and it’s just nice to have a few quiet hours for myself. And obviously, there are always more photos to be edited, which I get too excited about and once I start, I can’t stop.

At the same time, hubby just started his new job 10 days ago and he’s been busy with that and I’ve been settling Lara into nursery which has been going much better than I initially feared. From next month she will be going to nursery with big brother for a day and a half a week and I might actually get Fridays for myself. It’s too good to be true, so I still don’t quite believe it. A whole day on my own? I can’t even remember when I last had one of those. I have to give credit to my hubby who’s really been a huge help and is trying to do whatever is in his power to help me get all my photography work done and also give me a break with the kids. I don’t know what I would do without him.

But while it’s all quite tiring, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so grateful that I get to spend so much time with my family and at the same time do what I so enjoy doing. This weekend I have a maternity session in London and after a few family sessions in local parks, it will be a nice change. I absolutely love maternity sessions, so I couldn’t be more excited! Stay tuned for some previews soon. Until then, here are some snaps from this past week when we hang out with aunty Tanja.

2 Comments on “A family visit

  1. As always, wonderful pictures, Maja! Looking forward to those pregnancy session pictures! I have been having two familly photo sessions in the park as well and one on Sunday morning – I figured I have got SOOO much to learn! I have not been posting pictures a lot since I first want to have an agreement from the parents. So maybe I will share a few of those on the momentuum blog soon! I can imagine you are getting tired! I am amazed to see how you are doing all this! You really are investing yourself into things, Maja. Wonderful to see! Loved the article on Lara’s birthday A LOT, by the way! Love, Andrea

    • Thanks Andrea! And I look forward to seeing some of your photos on your blog. It definitely is a big learning curve but with each photo shoot you get a bit better and a bit more confident, so keep on! I recently had a logo made and then my own business cards – so exciting! I haven’t shared it on my blog yet but feel free to have a look on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/MajaTsoloPhotography. There are photos of both on there. Bit by bit I’m getting things done…

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