Maternity session: Karen and Gerhard

I was looking forward to this morning’s session for so long. I knew it was going to be the best time, so I just prayed that baby Marais wouldn’t come early and spoil our plans. I love love love doing maternity sessions – there is something so special about the high expectation of a new arrival , the glow  and energy that expectant moms exude and the happy smiles that tell the story of excitement and hope.

Karen and Gerhard are expecting their first baby next month. Not only are they an amazing couple, they are also great friends of mine. I have known Karen for as long as I lived in London (nearly 6 years!), she was the first new friend I made this side and we hit it off from the start. So much so that only a year into our friendship, she asked me to be one of  the bridesmaids at her wedding. It was such a privilege. I am absolutely over the moon that Karen and I will have babies born only weeks apart – I’m convinced she’s also having a boy, although they don’t know. And I have a pretty bad record of predicting the sex of a baby, so who knows. 😉 Gerhard took that one picture of Karen and I with our bumps (37 and 27 weeks, respectively), I love it.

They wanted to do the maternity shoot in central London and I loved the idea. After several sessions in local parks, I thought it’d be a nice change for me and besides, who doesn’t love London? Walking along the Southbank is one of my favourite things and since Karen and I now live on complete opposite sides of the city, we often meet half way – at Southbank – and walk together to Borough market for some fresh lunch and dessert. It’s exactly what we did today as well. As Southbank (and London in general) gets packed with people from about 9.30am, we sacrificed some sleep and met up bright and early at 7.30am. And it was so worth it! I have never seen the Millennium bridge this empty before, it was brilliant.

Ka and G, thank you so much for this morning, it was such a pleasure hanging out with you two. All the best with the last weeks of pregnancy and I can’t wait to hear the big news and come do a baby shoot with you!

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