The other day I was sitting in the waiting room with Lara, waiting for my midwife appointment. Next to me was another pregnant mum with her daughter who was about Lara’s age. The girls were looking at each other for a while and then Lara decided to greet the other girl the way she greets everyone these days – she growled. And then she proudly proclaimed she’s a tiger. The other mum seemed amused if also a bit shocked. I explained that Lara has picked up a lot of interesting things from her older brother.

It wasn’t the first time Lara growled at someone as her way of saying hi. I’ve realised recently that not many 2-year old girls can tell the difference between emergency service vehicles (like police car, ambulance and fire engine), distinguish Spiderman’s logo from Superman’s or know that T-Rex is a type of dinosaur. Looking around our house, most toys are cars, trains or blocks and we haven’t bought many girly toys when Lara came along. She got her first baby doll only a month or two ago. Even when it comes to clothes, she wears very little pink. It’s one of my least favourite colours, I far prefer blue tones. After the first few months following her birth when I got over the euphoria of having a girl after a boy I really haven’t bought a lot of pink stuff. I figured that I only have a short window of being in charge of what she wears and I better make the most of it, in case she later develops the pink fever. šŸ˜‰ All of these combined, no wonder that most people we run into presume that Lara is a boy… I was at the dry cleaners a while ago with both kids and the lady serving me asked what we were expecting this time. I told her it was another boy and she said: “Oh well, keep trying.” šŸ™‚ I reckon she thought it was a third boy for our family.

But while Lara really enjoys playing with cars and growling like a tiger, she also likes playing tea parties and playing with babies. And she also likes tutus, handbags and necklaces. So when I took her for a girls tea date to Hampton Court yesterday, I let her wear a tutu. I picked it, so it’s blue but she definitely looked very girly. And when we met two lovely elderly ladies, they complimented her on her skirt. Lara’s response? She growled at them and proudly declared she is a dinosaur… šŸ˜‰

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