Family session: The Keelings

Between the bad weather and the illnesses that my kids have been picking up recently it just seemed that my photo session schedule will have to be pushed back a few weeks. I already had to reschedule last week’s session and this weekend didn’t look promising either. Thankfully this lovely family, Phil, Amy and their two girls, were on stand by and we made it work despite everything – also thanks to my hubby who looked after our kids despite not feeling well himself.

This family is just adorable. They are friends of mine and Samuel and Lara adore their two little girls, Poppy (almost 3 years) and Elodie (almost 1). It’s easy to see why. They have buckets of personality and I just can’t get over their beautiful eyes! We met in Richmond park and although the scenery looked a bit grim, we had fun looking for “houses” in trees and bushes and playing tigers. I’ve got a lot of practice with little “tigers” and apparently Poppy was quite impressed. đŸ˜‰

Here are some of my favourites from our session.

2 Comments on “Family session: The Keelings

  1. the picture of Poppy on her dad’s shoulders and Elodie waving goodbye – priceless! Such beautiful pictures!

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