Samuel is 4

Dear Samuel,

It’s been four years since you arrived to this world and made me a mummy. I can hardly believe it’s been that long and at the same time it’s gone by in a flash. We didn’t have the easiest of beginnings – I had no clue what I was doing and you thought that sleep was highly overrated. We’ve come so far since then. You have taught me endurance, patience (ok, that’s still work in progress), english nursery rhymes, making the most of nap times and most importantly, unconditional love. Because despite everything, I couldn’t have felt any happier to have such a beautiful and strong little boy. And thankfully, you have learnt to appreciate sleep and an orchestra playing next to your bed probably wouldn’t manage to wake you up these days (or should I say nights). 

However, some things haven’t changed since day one:

You still have an endless amount of energy. You are honestly the most active and energetic little boy that I have ever seen. A lot of other mums say: “Ah, my boy is also busy,” but when they meet you, most of them will admit defeat. 🙂 In four years we both learnt a lot about how to best channel all this energy. 

You are still the happiest, most positive little boy. Any old picture of you that I pull out, you have the biggest grin on your face. You bring so much positive energy to our home and it’s infectious. Even when we have a fight and we both get upset, you’re over it within 2 minutes and you come and give me a hug, smiling again. You really are such a happy soul and it’s lovely to see, especially as you have the most beautiful smile.

You are incredibly sociable. You love people. You were never shy or particularly afraid of strangers. When we used to ask some of our friends to come babysit you so that daddy and I could go out on our own, you got excited to have someone new in the house for company (and possibly to manipulate them into staying up later ;)). 

Your gross motor skills are amazing. You are a sportsman in the making. You honestly skipped walking – to this day you struggle walking in a normal pace alongside someone – and went straight to running. You’re fast, you’re agile, you’re flexible. You love any activity that involves a ball or running around and you’re good at it too. You’re tall for your age and when people see you at playgrounds, climbing anything humanly possible, they think you’re a lot older than you really are. Add to this your fearless spirit and you’re giving your nursery teachers regular heart attacks leaping off from dangerous heights. I got used to it about two years ago. 

I am so proud of you, my son. Proud of your skills, your personality, proud of how gentle and caring you’ve been with your little sister and how well you have adapted to every change in your life so far. And I know that when your baby brother arrives, you will be the best big brother once again. You’ve been so excited and sweet over the fact you’ll be getting a baby brother, you kiss and hug my tummy at bedtime and you keep asking when the baby is coming. I can’t wait for the moment when he’s here and you can hold him for the first time. 

Happy fourth birthday, my sweet boy. I love you to the moon and back. And then some more.


4 Comments on “Samuel is 4

  1. Beautifully written Maja. You had me in stitches 🙂 🙂 Happy birthday Samy. With all of my love, your Aunt Ntlapu.

  2. Kako lepo in krasne fotke! Sem se čisto vživela v pisemce, kot bi bilo napisano za Davida 🙂

    Vse najboljše Sami!

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