Newborn session: Dale

This was more of a social occasion than a proper newborn session. You might remember seeing pictures of a lovely expectant couple posing around central London a few weeks back. Those are my good friends Karen and Gerhard and exactly two weeks after our maternity photo session they welcomed to the world their baby boy Dale Randall Marais. I couldn’t wait to go and meet this baby and catch up with my dear friend Karen and yesterday, with both my kids in nursery, was a perfect day for a visit.

Karen and I don’t get to see each other very often, so it was that much sweeter that we got to hang out for a few hours and catch up after the birth of baby Dale. He seemed far too keen to participate to sleep (despite being only 13 days old!) but we managed to tire him out right at the end. He is so beautiful and obviously I could’t but take a few pictures (but I promise I’m taking it easy – if you exclude the trip to east London). Keep an eye on this handsome fella – I can assure you’ll see more pictures of him in the coming months and years.

Congratulations Karen and Gerhard, I’m sure Dale and baby boy Tsolo will be great friends!

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