‘Tis the season

There are exactly 5 weeks left till Christmas. I know that because there are also 5 weeks left till my due date. Now that my back is all better, time is flying by yet again. Just like with Christmas, part of me feels it’s too early to start getting things ready but with Lara being born at 37 weeks, it might be wise to get that car seat from the loft or find Samuel’s newborn clothes and wash them. November has been a great month so far, with my parents visiting and my husband giving me a very welcome weekend break. He offered to look after the kids one weekend, so I could fly to Ljubljana by myself and enjoy some downtime with my friends there – and that’s just what I did last weekend.

Someone said to me a while ago, when I mentioned that our baby is due for Christmas, that it’ll be so lovely to look forward to meeting our new addition in the lead up to Christmas. They were right. I have a soft spot for Christmas and I’m not ashamed to admit that I stretch the season through all of December. So come next weekend, you’ll find me putting up our Christmas tree and bringing out my stack of ever growing Christmas CDs. And this year it feels ever so special as we wonder whether our new baby will join us in time for Christmas and my parents will be here for the holidays, followed by aunty Ntlapu.

In the past few weeks I met up with two friends who are both amazing photographers. Jonny MP (http://jonnymp.com) took a few photos of my family for this year’s Christmas cards and he also snapped a few of myself and bump. And then last weekend in Ljubljana I got to hang out with lovely Iva Novak (http://ivanovak.com/) and her gorgeous baby girl and she (Iva, not her baby girl) also took a few pics of my growing bump. I really appreciate these memories as I don’t have any proper pregnancy photos from my previous pregnancies. When you first fall pregnant and your bump starts growing, you think you have so much time to get some photos done. And then it’s over in a flash and a few weeks after having your baby, you can barely remember how you looked with a big, rounded belly. I have loved being pregnant – despite how uncomfortable it can be at times and how it alters your body in every way – and I will treasure these photos to look back on this season. And I encourage every woman to have some professional photos done during pregnancy, you won’t regret it.

Here are some of me and my munchkins (sorry, the family one is reserved for our Christmas cards and will be revealed after Christmas), captured by Jonny MP. I took the one of miss Lara sitting in the tree.

And here are some from last weekend, taken by Iva Novak.

2 Comments on “‘Tis the season

  1. The picture with you at the tree – on the right… with your face is a little filled out because of the pregnancy it’s the first time I’ve noticed how much Samuel favors you! It is such a pleasant surprise. I want to hold the image forever.

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