I’m tired. Darn nesting instinct has had me running around and rearranging things around the house even in my rare quiet moments. And while this gets you to prepare the house for the new arrival when you’re expecting your first child, it’s quite futile when you already have two toddlers with their own agenda. You put three things away, they take six new things out. So I don’t know why I bother but that desire to sit down with a cup of tea in a neat, tidy, clean house is still there, deep within me. At least this year we’re not moving houses, in fact, we haven’t embarked on any big projects just before my due date. Which might explain why this pregnancy has already gone on for longer than my previous one.

In this past two weeks I’ve looked at a few local schools (we need to apply for a space for Samuel who starts school next fall – something I am still in denial about), decorated the house for the Christmas season, written and sent out our Christmas cards (something I look forward to every year until I’d written two dozen cards and still have two dozens more to go), finished all our Christmas shopping, got everything ready for the baby (I’m still surprised every time I walk into my bedroom and see the moses basket standing there. Lara thinks it’s there for her toy baby and her baby brother might be forced to share it…), stayed up till 1am helping hubby assemble furniture and eaten ridiculous amounts of sweets (December and expecting a baby are both great excuses for that on their own, let alone when they coincide – then there’s no way around it. Will diet in January. 2015.). I even finished my photo wall project which I’m very proud of. I’ve wanted to print out and display some family photos for a long time because there’s really no use in just letting your photos sit on your hard drive. Making photo books is also on my to-do list but that’ll have to wait till next year.

Almost every evening I end up going to bed way late, thinking: “I can’t go into labour tonight, I have no energy left for that.” Thankfully the baby obliged so far but yesterday I had to admit to myself that he will come eventually and it’s up to me to get some rest before he does. So I’m unashamedly admitting that yesterday afternoon I did nothing after I dropped the kids off at nursery. Once or twice I had to resist tidying up that cupboard that we use as a dumping ground (you know which one, I’m sure every home has one). Instead, I just curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, some mince pies, Lily Allen’s Somewhere Only We Know on the radio and a few episodes of Downton Abbey. Bliss.

At this point in pregnancy it’s starting to get very uncomfortable doing most things. Like bending over hundred times in a row when a certain 2-year old demands to go to the toilet and then changes her mind three times about what she wants to wear. Or which shoes she wants to put on before we leave the house. Every. Single. Time. But I mustn’t wish the time away. I love December and I definitely have a better chance of doing fun activities with kids like baking and going to see Christmas shows now then once the baby arrives. I also have a better chance of getting a full night of sleep. And after nearly falling asleep at the table during dinner last night, I actually went to bed at 9pm.

Next time I blog it’ll hopefully be to introduce our new arrival. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 Comments on “Waiting

  1. I am so excited for you. I was also expecting a December baby, some eons ago, and it really is a special time of the year to be pregnant. Give us the news of the birth as soon as you muster enough energy to turn on your laptop. Good luck!

    • Vera, when is Ken’s birthday again (obviously sometime in December)?
      And of course I’ll let you know the news as soon as I can – in this digital age I don’t even need to turn on the laptop, so you’ll know before I even leave the hospital. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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