Baby David

Dear David,

You had a place in our family before you were even conceived. Even when Lara was born and I was walking around with her in the middle of the night, trying to settle her back to sleep, I knew this wasn’t the last time I was doing it. When we found out you were joining us around Christmas time, we were so overjoyed and we’ve been looking forward to meeting you all these months.

We’ve been praying that you would join us by Christmas, so that we could celebrate this special time as a family of five. I was mostly worried about how things will work out with Samuel and Lara when I go into labour but I needn’t – it all worked out in God’s perfect timing. Thursday, 19.12., started just like any other day. In the afternoon Samuel and Lara had a Christmas concert at nursery and William and I both went to hear them sing. Afterwards we picked up some food for dinner and did the usual bedtime routine with the kids. The entire evening there were no signs that anything would happen. Just before midnight we finally headed to bed and just as I lay down, still waiting for William to join me, my waters broke. So we phoned a neighbour, who offered to come help when we needed to go to the hospital, and she came over a few minutes later. At that point I thought we were just going in to get checked out and then we’d be coming back home to wait for labour to properly start, although I felt my first contraction about 15 minutes after my waters broke.

We got to the hospital at about 1.30am. I was having regular contractions but I wasn’t yet in “active labour”, so the midwife was undecided whether to keep me or send me home. Any first time mother they would’ve sent home for things to progress but considering this was my third baby and in previous two labours things happened quite quickly once my waters were gone, the midwife didn’t want to risk anything. So I was given a room and we waited for things to progress. And things got intense pretty soon afterwards. By 4am I was in active labour (4cm dilated) and at 6.26am you arrived. The fastest and most intense delivery out of the three. But everything went perfectly and I couldn’t believe you were there with us. When I was heading to bed the night before, I thought it’d be just another uneventful night and yet before Samuel and Lara even woke up at home, you were there.

You are perfect. Strong (at birth you weighed 3575g and measured 55cm), beautiful, with a full head of silky black hair. You look so much like your brother and sister did as babies, you have Samuel’s mouth and Lara’s big, round cheeks. And yet, you are you, unique and special. Your brother and sister adore you and were so looking forward to meeting you. Samuel has always been so gentle, even when you were still inside me and he is ever so gentle with you now. He asks to hold you and asks us where he can kiss you, respecting our orders that he should’t touch your face. Lara is a bit more unpredictable and will do whatever comes to her mind but she loves to give you kisses and help with bathing and changing you. I am so looking forward to watching you grow up and seeing your individual character develop.

But right now, despite all the sleepless nights and craziness that ensued after your birth, I want to enjoy these precious early moments. Your little hands and feet, your gentle cry, your soft skin and silky hair. Your baby smell and the way you fit perfectly into my arms.

Welcome to our family baby David. We love you to the moon and back.


4 Comments on “Baby David

  1. Wonderful, Maja!!! Loved to read your thoughts and what has happened! Being part of your family this way feels very special! Lots of love to all of you! Andrea

  2. Just read your letter to David and I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. My hormones must really be off the scale! Such a handsome little boy, preciously and perfectly placed within your family. Many congratulations. I can’t wait to meet him! x

    • Thanks Becky! You gotta love those hormones, hey? šŸ˜‰ Looking forward to seeing you this week! x

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