One year later…

A year ago today I wrote my first blog post. I can’t believe it’s been a year… so much has happened since. My blog grew into my own photography business and I had some great photo sessions in the past 6 months. I’ve learned heaps in terms of photography, especially how much I don’t yet know. 😉 And to think that a year ago David was hardly an idea in our minds and now he’s here in flesh, kicking and crying and making us so very happy. I’m really pleased how much I’ve grown as a photographer in the last year even though I’ve barely scratched the surface. I can’t wait to see where this year takes me and how many lovely couples, babies, families and expectant mums I’ll get to photograph. Baby boom continues as I have a few friends expecting this year, so I’ll definitely get to do a few maternity photo sessions. Yay (happy heart)!

And to answer some of you who were wondering how we are doing as a family of five:

We are slowly settling in with our new baby. Life’s been on steroids. It’s been busy, tiring and with our last buffer gone along with aunty Ntlapu, it’s probably not going to get any easier any time soon.

Nights seem too long when I count the hours spent awake and too short when I count the hours I actually slept. Days are too long when I try to attend to all my kids’ needs (mine are so far down the list I never get around to them) and too short when I try to get anything else done. But despite all this, I am so aware of how quickly the time is going by. I know that everyone goes on about the time passing by really quickly with small children but I’m only becoming aware of it now. First year with Samuel did not go quickly for me (for many reasons), in fact, it seemed to have gone on forever. And yet, four years have passed since and he’s about to start school in a few months. How did that happen?

David is only three weeks old and I’m already noticing how much he has changed since birth. His newborn features are disappearing, he’s growing out of his first set of clothes. And this time I have far less time to be paying attention to everything, to just sit down and hold him for hours, taking in the softness of his newborn skin and his baby smell. I’m so afraid that I’ll miss these little things, so I try to document on photos as much as I can. And even though I haven’t done it to this extent with Samuel or Lara (ah, every child gets different perks and there’s no point in feeling guilty over something you can’t change), I feel that through David I’m preserving their baby moments too. After all, David reminds me so much of them – he seemingly has Samuel’s temperament and Lara’s looks.

Baby phase might not be my favourite but I’m sure going to try and squeeze all the goodness out of it.

9 Comments on “One year later…

  1. justloveyourpicturesandwriting!!!!!seriously! xxx

  2. Congrats to the blog-birthday! How lovely! Do you remember when we talked about photography and you said “Yeah, I have always liked photography, maybe I should take more pics!” And then you bought the 50 mm (are you still using it?!)! And how I photographed Samuel crawling in Bloomsbury? So long ago! You have developed so much, your photos are amazing AND you have the third baby. I can’t believe it! All the best to your new blog year! I hope it will be a great year for your family and business! Cheers!!!!!

    • Thank you Andrea, yes, it’s been quite a year! It seems so long ago when we were working together in Bloomsbury! I still have my 50mm lens but am hardly ever using it – with my cropped sensor I just like my 35mm a lot better. But that’s like a 50mm on your full frame camera. So I might start using it more if I upgrade to FF. 🙂 Who knows what this year might bring! All the best to you and your business as well. x

    • Um, ne vem, kako sem tri cetrt leta nazaj zgresila to tvoje sporocilo. Oprosti. Nisem nalasc ignorirala. Hvala za nagrado, ko/ce bom imela enkrat malo vec casa, bom napisala kaj vec o sebi, trenutno imam se veliko fotkanj za dokoncat najprej. Lep pozdrav!

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